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Since the instruction is intended for small children, we draw the sun with eyes and a smile. Draw a smile and eyes. Add a spout. We draw a smile and eyes. Arcs are edges. Add a spout and edge. Make them clearer. Direct all the lines. The sun shines very brightly, so we add more rays.

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Step 3: Paint the sun in vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red. To enhance the color, do not dampen the areas of the sun, instead apply a small amount of the water to the desired colored paint and apply directly to the sun. Arty Crafty Kids will notice that less water leads to brighter colors and the paint becomes a little trickier to spread.

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To draw a sunshine, follow these simple steps: Begin by drawing a large circle to represent the sun. Add small triangles around the circle to represent the sun's rays. Draw small circles at the end of each triangle to add depth and dimension. Next, add curves to the triangles to make them look more organic.

Sun Cartoon Drawing at GetDrawings Free download

Step 1. The first step of this guide on how to draw the sun should be an easy one! All you need for this step is to draw a circle that will form the center of your sun. For this circle, you'll want to try and make sure that it is as close to a perfect circle as possible. The easiest way to do this is to use a tool such as a drawing compass.

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Sun Outline. Making a sun outline is really easy. Just trace over your pencil lines with a black pen or marker. You can make your lines thin, thick, or a combination of line weights. Another option is to use a color other than black for your sun outline. Orange, yellow, or red would be good options as well as black.

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At the top of the circle, draw a short line in and angle. Step 3. Draw another line in the opposite direction in an angle to create this triangle shape. Step 4. Now repeat this process and draw a second triangle joining it to the first. Step 5. Go around the circle and continue drawing more triangle shapes as it is shown over here. Step 6

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9. Add detail to the sun's eyes. Draw a large oval to form the pupil in each eye. Then, draw a small circle to highlight the eye. Shade between the circle and the oval. Finally, draw a few short, curved lines at the corner of each eye to indicate eyelashes. Your sun drawing with a face is now ready.

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Cool Sun Drawings

How to draw a sunshine. Follow along & give it a try! It's fun & easy to do! Enjoy & thanks for watching :)

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Sketch out the outline of the sun. Above the previously drawn curved line, draw one small arc, as shown in the figure. Draw the sun rays. On the sides and top of the drawn outline of the sun, draw five straight lines of the same length. Color the drawing. To color the sunrise, use yellow, green, and orange or red.

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Easy Sunrise Drawing - Step 7. 7. Draw a tree near the bottom of the picture, erasing as necessary. Outline the trunk and branches using pairs of lines. Then, use a series of short, connected curved lines to enclose the cloudlike leafy crown.

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#DrawSoCuteSummerSeries Learn #HowToDraw and color a cartoon Sun with heart sunglasses, holding a popsicle easy, step by step drawing tutorial. Fun, cute Sum.

Simple Sun Drawing at GetDrawings Free download

Use a circular object like the lid of a container to draw a circle and add small and big triangles for sun rays. By colouring it in shades of yellow and orange, kids can make the drawing as bright as the real sun. To make the sun look cuter, children can add a happy emoji face to the above image by adding two dotted eyes and a wide smile.

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Hi Everyone, In This Video I Show You How To Draw The Sun Step By Step ☀️. Follow My Step By Step Drawing Tutorial And Make Your Own Sun Drawing Easy!👇 SUBS.