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How to lay out eaves or starter course, first course and subsequent courses, on a fully boarded and felt & batten roof using TapcoSlate Classic.

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Slate Roofs, pub-lished in 1926 by the National Slate Association, contains a nice graphic, but only states the following with regard to the Dutch Lap method: "Laid with regular slate on shingle lath or tight sheathing."1 The graphic was often repeated in later

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Layout is everything Slate roofing is won and lost in the layout. The most important concept is head lap. Head lap is the amount of coverage a slate is provided by the slate two rows above it. This is the key to a watertight roof. Head-lap requirements are pretty straightforward.

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The starter course is then covered with the first course, resulting in 2 layers of slate shingles at the eave edge. Special Consideration: The starter slate sheds water from the side joints of the first course. The starter course along with the cant creates the field angle of the slate shingles.

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> Roofing Slate - How to Install Slate Roof? Lear the tips on how to install the slate roof and roofing slate on edges and hips. Also read the points to remember before installing the slate roof. Slate Tiles Slate Slabs Slate Strips Slate Chips Slate Backsplash Slate Floorings Slate Roofing Slate Paving Slate Quarry Slate Stone Suppliers

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The main purpose of the cant strip is to elevate the starter course onto the same plane as the slates on the rest of the roof. If the roof lacks a chamfer strip, check for cracked slates in the starter course. The secondary purpose is to prevent water from pooling behind a section of raised fascia or wood strip. Slates should overhang the roof.

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Roofing Guide Home Chapter The Starter Course Use either a trimmed three-tab shingle or a rolled starter strip for the first course along the eaves; you'll cover it with the first row of shingles. By Mike Litchfield

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0:00 1:17 Slate Roof Mistakes - Starter Course Headlap Joe Jenkins 6.61K subscribers 86K views 14 years ago From This is a very common mistake - inadequate headlap on the.

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Start your slate roof off correctly with the proper starter slate size laid horizontally with the bevel edge down. For more information on starter slates and eave installation details visit *This chart correlates to slates being installed at a standard 3″ headlap*

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Step 1: Lay the starter course across the eave and then put the irst course of slate lush on top of the starter. Then snap a horizontal line 7" above the tips of the slates you just installed or 25" from the eave line (butt of the slate you just laid). Step 2: Now start laying your second course of slates putting

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6) Get the starter course right. Read this important article about starter courses. Install a cant - either a wooden one, a copper one, or use another method, but get it in there. Make sure your starter course has enough headlap. 7) Blend the slates. If using slates from several pallets, blend them on the roof by taking them from all pallets at.

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You can tell an inexperienced roofer right away by looking at the starter course on a slate roof. Does it have a cant, which props up the bottom of the start.

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You will be nailing roofing slates to a wood deck with copper nails and integrating the slates with various flashings, including step flashings, valley flashings, apron flashings, and ridge copper. The course is limited to 4 students on a double-sided mockup (two on each side).

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Installation Guide Province Slate is a polymer roof covering carefully to provide the authentic look and durability of its counterpart. Special care has been taken to make product easy to install. By following these instructions using good installation practices, you will be assured quality installation.

Slate Roof Installation Information and Instructions

the starter course to maintain straight coursing. It is therefore necessary that there be a chalk line laid to assure that the starter is straight. For a Slate installation, the chalk line should be snapped approximately 2½" above the bottom edge of the roof. The starter tiles should be