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MUCH AND MANY Exercise 1: Decide whether you have to use much or many. Tick the correct answer. A MUCH B MANY a TEA A MUCH B MANY a FLOWERS A MUCH B MANY a MONEY A MUCH B MANY a FOOD Exercise 2: Choose whether to use MUCH or MANY in the sentences? 1. My brother is very busy. He hasn't got time. 2.

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Exercise 2 Choose the right answer: how much much or how many? 1. money did you spend on your car? 2. children do you have? 3. different schools have you attended? 4. is the entrance fee? 5. times do you think you've eaten here? 6. luggage did you bring? 7. books do you read a month? 8. time do you spend on Facebook?.

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Exercise A - Answer key Countable: a, b, f, g, j, k Uncountable: c, d, e, h, i, l Next, students answer multiple-choice questions and sort the bold nouns in the questions into countable or uncountable nouns. Exercise B - Answer key (answers are approximate) 1. a 2. b 3. b 4. c 5. b 6. a


Exercise 1 Choose the right answer: how much much or how many? 1. information do you want? 2. computers have you had so far? 3. years have you spent in school? 4. did you pay for the car? 5. is this camera? 6. people are you expecting? 7. should I be feeding my dog? 8. kids do you have? 9. pencils do you have?.

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This quantifiers worksheet helps students learn how to use much, many, a few and a little with countable or uncountable nouns. Procedure Give each student a copy of the worksheet. Students start by sorting nouns into countable and uncountable nouns. Exercise A - Answer key

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Fill it in! Write the missing words 'much' or 'many' in the questions. Then ask a friend! a. How ___much____ chocolate do you eat every week? b. How __ many____ computers are there at your school? c. How _______________ homework does your English teacher give? d. How _______________ of your friends live near you? e.

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Solutions: 1. many 2. much 3. much 4. much 5. many 6. much 7. many 8. much 9. much 10. much 11. much 12. many 13. much 14. many 15. much 16. many 17. much 18. much

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Circle the correct answer. a. There isn't information. much / many b. There weren't people at the park. much / many c. He hasn't got money. much / many d. Do you get homework? much / many e. How English books have you got? much / many

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Countable / uncountable. Many / much / some / any. Many / much - worksheets. Worksheets pdf - print. Grammar worksheets - handouts.

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Many, much, a lot of Exercises: quantifiers. Many / much / a lot of - exercise 1; Many / much / a lot of - exercise 2; Many / much / a lot of - write

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4 EXERCISE 1: Nouns Fill in the blanks using many or much. 4 EXERCISE 2: Negative Sentences & Questions Fill in the blanks using many or much. 5 EXERCISE 3: Dialogue Complete the dialogue using many and much. 6 EXERCISE 4: Class Survey Write questions using many and much. 7 EXERCISE 5: Writing Describe a party using many and much.

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Do you know songs in English? 5. Complete the sentences with How much or How many and then answer the questions: a. How much homework have you got today? Some English activities. b. people have got glasses in your class? 2o E.S.O. 1.

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312. 155. 0. 1/2. Let's do English ESL general grammar practice. Practice the use of much, many and a lot of. with short grammar guide. Thanks wunder3 for her template.

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How Much or How Many | Exercise with answers. Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page. Exercise 2. Choose the right answer: how much much or how many?

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Much, many, a lot of | Exercise with answers Answers are at the bottom of the page. Choose the right answer: MUCH, MANY, A LOT, A LOT OF, LOTS: 1. They eat cookies.. 7. a lot of / many 8. a lot of 9. many / much 10. a lot 11. much 12. many 13. a lot of 14. a lot of / much 15. a lot of. Author: LIN keo