Replace a semicolon with a greek question mark others kasernation

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Alternative names: Greek question mark Question mark, greek Codepoint (hexadecimal): 0x037E Codepoint (decimal): 894 In unicode block: Greek and Coptic Html entities: ; or ; Character input: There is no universal input system for Unicode characters. But you can use the system specific input methods below. Other Infos:

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GREEK QUESTION MARK: Block: Greek and Coptic: Category: Punctuation, Other [Po] Combine: 0: BIDI: Other Neutrals [ON] Decomposition: SEMICOLON (U+003B) Mirror: N: Index entries: GREEK QUESTION MARK QUESTION MARK, GREEK: Comments: erotimatiko sentence-final punctuation U+003B is the preferred character: See Also: question mark U+003F:

Replace a semicolon with a greek question mark others kasernation

Indicates an incomplete sentence or, in direct speech, unsaid words. Απόστροφος (apostrophe) [ edit] ' apostrophe ( Unicode (Basic Latin) U+0027 keyboard input Alt+0039 )

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greek question mark ; U+037E copy and paste This code point first appeared in version 1.1 of the Unicode® Standard and belongs to the "Greek and Coptic" block which goes from 0x370 to 0x3FF. You can safely add this character in your html code with the entity: ; You can use the u+037E copy pc button below. Easy u+037E copy paste:

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write 37e then press Alt + X. Microsoft Office (alternative) write U+37e then press Alt + X. Apple Mac. Hold Alt, type 3 7 E then release. Apple Mac (alternative) Hold Option, type 3 7 E then release.

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The Greek Question Mark "?" or ";" | Το Ερωτηματικό Still, you're grammatically wrong, If you're using this question mark (?) at the end of a question in Greek. Utmost people will understand that you're asking a question. Still, the correct Greek question mark is the retinue;

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The symbol "Greek Question Mark" is included in the "Punctuation" subblock of the "Greek and Coptic" block and was approved as part of Unicode version 1.1 in 1993. Synonyms erotimatiko. Technical Information Properties Encoding ¿ 00BF ? 003F ⁈ 2048 2049 ⁇ 2047 ؟ 061F ՞ 055E ፧ 1367 ⳺ 2CFA ⳻ 2CFB ꘏

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1. Pronoun questions, or Word questions, require more than just "Yes" or "No" answers. The questioner asks for information. e.g. "Who is he?" "Where is he going?" "Why did that happen?" "What are you doing?" "When did she do that?" 2. Yes-and-No questions can be answered by either a "Yes" or a "No", e.g. "Did you do your homework?" 3.

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A period above the line is a Greek semi-colon (literally, half a colon), and an English semi-colon is a Greek question mark. There are three accents. You do not have to know why they occur where they do, but pay attention to them as you pronounce the word. Greek syllabification basically follows English syllabification.

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Yes, the Greek question mark is the English semicolon and it is used at the end of all direct questions. Many programmers, in fact, take advantage of this to prank their colleagues by replacing the semicolons in the JavaScript with Greek question marks. Example: «Τι κάνεις;» "How are you?" The Greek Semicolon | Η Άνω Τελεία

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The character ; (Greek Question Mark) is represented by the Unicode codepoint U+037E. It is encoded in the Greek and Coptic block, which belongs to the Basic Multilingual Plane. It was added to Unicode in version 1.1 (June, 1993). It is HTML encoded as ; . Main Unicode Properties Bidirectional Data Other Unicode Data U+037E Conversion

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The Greek question mark looks just like a semi-colon and is placed at the end of a sentence - in the same manner as the English question mark - to show that a question is being asked. Below are some examples. The top line of each question - in bold - is written in the Greek script. The second line - in italics - is the phonetic pronunciation.

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Nicanor does understand the relevant line as a yes-no-question (cf. n. 27 above), but there is no evidence that he ever used a question mark. On the contrary, questions are rounded off with a στιγμή (usually a τελεία), whether they are wh-questions as in Il. 4.351, 10.61, or 18.80-2 (sch.

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List U+037E ; Greek Question Mark U+FE14 ︔ Presentation Form For Vertical Semicolon U+FE54 ﹔ Small Semicolon U+FF1B ; Fullwidth Semicolon U+037E is the unicode hex value of the character Greek Question Mark. Char U+037E, Encodings, HTML Entitys:;,;, UTF-8 (hex), UTF-16 (hex), UTF-32 (hex)

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Greek question mark . The Greek question mark (Greek: ερωτηματικό, translit. erōtīmatikó) looks like ";". It appeared around the same time as the Latin one, in the 8th century. It was adopted by Church Slavonic and eventually settled on a form essentially similar to the Latin semicolon.