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Whether you visit on your own on a tour, you will go through some of the same rooms, like the Octagonal Courtyard, the Maps Galleries, the Candelabra Room, and of course, the Sistine Chapel at the end. On just about every visit to the Vatican museums, you will pass through this room, the Rotunda Room.

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The original Bramante's Staircase was built in 1505, while the modern one was built in 1932 and was based on the original. Seen as a revolutionary architectural wonder of that time, with the iconic spiralling structure which gained its popularity in past and present time. The Original Bramante Staircase

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The Bramante's Helical Staircase is a bold and exciting work hidden inside the beautiful Pio-Clementino Museum in Vatican City better known as the famous Bramante staircase. It was commissioned by Pope Julius II at the beginning of the sixteenth century and designed by the famous Tuscan architect, Donato Bramante, hence the name.

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The Bramante Staircase is a double helix staircase designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932 and it features granite doric columns and a herringbone paving pattern. A canopy located above provides the necessary light to illuminate the stairs.

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The amazing thing about the "Bramante Staircase" is its shape: centuries before the DNA was discovered, Bramante created a staircase with the shape of a double-helix, something its contemporaries had obviously never seen before. His creation soon gained a huge popularity among the public.

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The Bramante staircase is one of the most peculiar features in the Vatican Museums and it was designed by Donato di Pascuccio d'Antonio, also known as Donato Bramante. This notable architect was among the first ones introducing high renaissance in Rome. His project of the Bramante staircase began in 1505 to facilitate Pope Julius II […]

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Born: 1444 - Fermignano, Duchy of Urbino (now Italy) Died: April 11, 1514 - Rome, Papal States (now Italy) Movements and Styles: High Renaissance , Renaissance Humanism Donato Bramante Summary Accomplishments Important Art Biography Influences and Connections Useful Resources Summary of Donato Bramante

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Both Bramante Staircases are among the most recognized and photographed stairways in the world. The Original 1505 Bramante Staircase: Exclusive Access Situated in a private area of the Belvedere Palace, this staircase has long been closed to the general public. Its original function was providing access to the residential upper floors.

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The Bramante Staircase, which is closed to the public, is the first architectonic example of the spiral staircase. This spectacular piece of work was built by Bramante for Julius II and was used as a secret passage for the Pope who access to the Apostolic Palace with his carriage undisturbed. No one had ever seen such a staircase until this moment.

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The highlight of this special guided tour is the magnificent helical staircase designed by Bramante for Pope Julius II in 1505. This architectural gem, inaccessible until now, will be the special focus of a visit that will also explore the principal masterpieces of the Pope's Museums.

Bramante Staircase, Vatican City

1. The Bramante Staircase is actually the name of two individual staircases in the Vatican. The Bramante Staircase that is open for public visits is not original. It was built as a copy since the real Bramante Staircase is in a restricted area. advertisement. 2. The original Bramante Staircase was built in 1505.

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Map The Bramante Staircase The Scala di Bramante, in the Vatican Museums, was designed by the architect Donato Bramante (1444-1514) and built in 1505. Bramante's staircase is no ordinary staircase; it actually takes the form of a double-helix, thereby allowing people (and horses) to ascend and descend without bumping into each other!

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Vatican, the famous spiral staircase (Bramante Staircase) in the Vatican. Here's the world's largest and most spectacular spiral staircase (Bramante Staircase) located in the Vatican in.

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Bramante Staircase is the name given to two staircases in the Vatican Museums in the Vatican City State: the original stair, built in 1505, and a modern equivalent from 1932. The original staircase The original Bramante staircase, built in 1505

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The Bramante Staircase Tour combines a visit to the Vatican Museums with access to the restricted areas of the Bramante Staircase, the masterpiece designed by the architect Donato Bramante, and the Chapel of Nicholas V. Highlights of this tour Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel Bramante Staircase Chapel of Nicholas V Availabilities

Women and Dreams The Bramante Staircase, Vatican Museum

Overview Tours & Tickets The Basics Many visitors mistake Giuseppe Momo's 1930s staircase for the historic Bramante Staircase, but the original was built more than 400 years earlier and is closed to the general public. Only private groups led by an official Vatican-approved tour guide are authorized to visit the elegant Renaissance staircase.