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Mustang OvertheWire PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheter 12.0mm Medical Equipment

Applies to MINI TREK™ RX and MINI TREK™ II OTW 1.50 mm - 2.00 mm sizes only:The TREK™ RX & OTW Coronary Dilatation Catheters are indicated for: Balloon dilatation of the stenotic portion of a coronary artery or bypass graft stenosis, for the purpose of improving myocardial perfusion. Balloon dilatation of a coronary artery occlusion.

Mustang OvertheWire PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheter 10.0mm Medical Equipment

The Sprinter™ over-the-wire (OTW) semicompliant balloon dilatation catheter is available in a broad size matrix. FEATURES MiniWrap folding is used on 1.50-4.00 balloons. The 1.50 mm balloon has two folds. Selective Dura-Trac coating 2.5 mm tip FasTrac tip Distal shaft Gold-swaged marker bands Selective Dura-Trac hydrophilic coating

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Product Details Maverick 2 Over-The-Wire Balloon Catheter The balloon catheter that's ready for whatever you encounter. Proprietary laser bonded technology creates an extraordinary TrakTip™ Design and precise, smooth bonds throughout the shaft Push coil design and improved distal flexibility for enhanced trackability

OverTheWire Balloon Catheter, 2.5 x 80 mm, Length 90 cm, Quantity 1/bag

Two over-the-wire balloons will require a 7 F system and simultaneous two-vessel stenting mandates a large lumen 7 F guide with an ILD of 0.07-0.071 inch at a minimum but is often more easily performed through an 8 F system. 3 Large lumen 6 F guiding catheters can accommodate up to a 1.75 mm rotational atherectomy catheters but larger French.

OverTheWire Balloon Catheter, 4 x 10 mm, Length 135 cm, Quantity 1/bag

Subsequently, PTCA balloon catheters used an over-the-wire (OW) design that was capable of negotiating complex, more distal stenoses in tortuous vessels.3'4 The OW system enabled independent move- ment, removal and repetitive reshaping of the guide wire, and exchange of balloon catheters OW so as not to require recrossing the dilation site with the wire.

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The over the wire balloon is in the internal carotid artery (long arrow). E, F) Case 2: E) (lateral non subtracted view): The over the wire balloon has been removed from the carotid and is now in the left PI segment, in front of the perforation. The microcatheter has been removed. F) Right vertebral injection, lateral view, late phase, shows.

How to Tie a Balloon Easily using Wire Hanger YouTube

Nybax™ Coyote balloon material Wire port Smooth laser-bonded transitions Lubricious Bioslide™ hydrophilic coating balloon 0.017" (0.43 mm) tip entry profile COYOTE™ & COYOTE™ ES Balloon Dilatation Catheter Over-the-Wire Inflation port • Available in balloon lengths up to 220 mm to treat long BTK disease with fewer inflations

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Sterling™ and Sterling™ SL 0.018" Balloon Dilatation Catheter The Sterling™ Balloon Catheter family † offers best-in-class lesion entry profile and deflation times* with the most clinically comprehensive size offering and indications available. Key Resources Indications, Safety, and Warnings Sign-Up for Product Updates Email Your Questions Explore

NCS3011WEXP Medtronic NC STORMER OTW OvertheWire Balloon Dilatation Catheter 3.0 X 11

A new 6 French (F) guiding catheter with a large, teflon-coated internal lumen (4.2F) was developed, permitting use of the standard ultralow profile (less than 3F) over-the-wire system. This small coronary angioplasty system (6F-PTCA) was evaluated in 48 lesions in 45 of 137 patients (33%) who underwent coronary angioplasty between September.

Mustang OvertheWire PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheter 10.0mm Medical Equipment

Balloon catheters used in angioplasty are either of Over-the-Wire (OTW) or Rapid Exchange (Rx) design. Rx catheters nowadays are about 90% of the Coronary Intervention market. While OTW Catheters may still be useful in highly tortuous vascular pathways, they sacrifice deflation time and pushability.

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The NanoCross Elite 0.014" Over-the-Wire PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheter is intended to dilate stenoses in the iliac, femoral, ilio-femoral, popliteal, infra-popliteal, and renal arteries, and for the treatment of obstructive lesions of native or synthetic arteriovenous dialysis fistulae.

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Over-the-wire (OTW) balloon catheters feature a guidewire that tracks along the full length of the catheter. Rapid exchange (RX) balloon catheters have a guidewire along only a short section (about 25cm), saving time compared with advancing a guidewire through the full length of the catheter.

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The most comprehensive size offering available in both Over-the-Wire and Monorail™ rapid-exchange. Indicated for wider acute use including carotid ☨ and post stent dilitation. 2 - 10 mm diameters, 10 - 220 mm lengths. 40, 80, 90, 135, 150 cm shafts in over-the-wire and Monorail Catheter. Sterling™ Monorail™.

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anatomy requiring over the wire balloons. The weight at the tip of the wire, or tip load, is an important aspect of wire design and ranges from less than one gram to 15 grams. Although wires can appear the same, they can vary widely based on materials used for construction and overall design (Figure 1).

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Etiology The establishment of catheter-based interventions first occurred in the late 1970s. The idea behind catheter-directed interventions for acute coronary syndrome flourished due to its ability to use the circulation as a "vascular freeway" to approach occlusive coronary disease without the use of open-heart surgery.

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Product Details Get to With four catheter configurations optimized for maximum push and excellent track Get through With an ultra-low lesion entry profile (0.017"/0.43 mm) and best-in-class crossing profile (0.030"/0.76 mm) Get going With deflation times of less than 10 seconds* and balloon lengths up to 220 mm