Romanian Blouses and Costumes from Sibiu, Transylvania

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Traditional Romanian fashion: fur linings, flower motif Shades of red, dark brown, and blue featured prominently, with balance always the goal. In general, young women's costumes were brightly colored, while men typically stuck to a maximum of three colors, and the elderly usually wore dark outfits.

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The traditional clothing that exists today, and is recorded on photographs and film, dates mainly from 19th and 20th centuries. There is very little evidence, except for a few paintings, showing clothing worn outside towns before the 19th century. In most countries the wearing of traditional clothing died out by 1900 due to the process of.


Romania is a country with a rich heritage, and its traditional attire is an integral part of it. The country boasts a dazzling wardrobe that is steeped in history and culture. Romania's national costume, also known as the port popular in Romanian, is a reflection of the country's diverse regions, each with a unique story to tell.

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The traditional outfit for men included a white shirt called "cămasă", white trousers, a belt, a waistcoat or overcoat, a hat, and shoes. The regional differences are seen in the length of a shirt, in embroidery patterns, in the cut of garments, and, of course, in adornments.

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Romanian dress refers to the traditional clothing worn by Romanians, who live primarily in Romania and Moldova, with smaller communities in Ukraine and Serbia. Today, the vast majority of Romanians wear modern-style dress on most occasions, and the garments described here largely fell out of use during the 20th century.

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Visually, the traditional Romanian folk costumes are very impressive. They are famous for their intricate embroideries in vivid colours and geometric or floral motifs, sometimes displaying hidden symbols. They also differ a lot depending on the region they are worn, as well as their function.

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1. Romanian National Costumes from Moldova Romanian National Costumes from Neamț and Baia, Moldova The peasant women's blouses have ornaments arranged on chest, sleeves and shoulders (altiță and încreț) in one, two or more colors, with geometric, floral, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic patterns.

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Men's traditional clothing throughout Romania comprises a white shirt ( cămasă ), white trousers, hat, belt, waistcoat and or overcoat. Local differences are indicated by shirt length, type of embroidery, trouser cut, hat shape, or waistcoat decoration. In most areas shirts are worn outside trousers, which is the older style.

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Traditions Beyond Borders Safeguarding Traditions for Future Generations Embracing the Richness of Romanian Traditions Historical Context of Romanian Traditions The Making of Romanian Traditions Understanding the traditions of Romania requires a journey into its historical past.

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Romanian Blouses and Costumes from Sibiu, Transylvania

Romani dress is the traditional attire of the Romani people, widely known in English by the exonymic slur Gypsies. [a] Romani traditional clothing is closely connected to the history, culture, and national identity of the Roma people. [2] [3]

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Romanian Traditional Clothing - Women's Folkwear in North Romania. North women wear beaded or embroidered long sleeve blouses, made of cotton or linen. It is the emblematic piece of the national folk dress, known as IA. It consists of an ornamental top with extensions (underwear) separated, sewn or built-in..

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Romanian traditional clothes or Romanian dress are folk costumes worn by Romanians during national celebrations, weddings and special traditional events. Romanian traditional clothing can be classified into seven main traditional regions. The Romanian dress is a ceremonial garment that many wear with pride.

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The traditional Romanian blouse is called "ie", and it is one of Romania's most important pieces of folklore. With wide sleeves, traditional motifs, and natural colors, this blouse inspired many fashion designers, and it recently started receiving more and more international fame. The Romanian blouse the most fashionable item